Integration Technologies Limited (ITL) is one of the leading companies in forecourt automation products and solutions. CC Technologies is ITL distributor since 2002 and have successfully installed the ITL Enabler card solution at over 1500 petrol stations in Pakistan.

ITL Enabler and Enabler Embedded solutions allow fuel retailers to automate their complete forecourt and is fully integrated to work with all the major fuel dispensers, tank gauging systems, price signs POS Hardware. 

The Enabler also allows integration with EFT POS terminals and convenience store POS systems. 



The Enabler PCI

A PCI Express card that provides 4 serial ports to connect forecourt devices. Includes optical isolation for reliability and LON interface for IFSF included as a standard feature. Our firmware provides intelligent serial interface supporting a wide range of protocols.






Enabler Embedded

Enabler Embedded is a new generation Forecourt Controller bringing together the ability to communicate with a wide range of forecourt devices alongside the ability to communicate to host systems and service providors over the Web. It is a compact appliance that uses advances SMT design and cableless construction. Designed with everything you need for forecourt connection and management in one box.




Forecourt Distribution Module (FDM)

Distribution Modules are a key part of The Enabler product family. They provide the physical and electronic interfaces to suit each manufacturer’s specific protocol and hardware interface.

Forecourt Distribution Modules (FDMs) are designed for use with our Enabler Card:

For more details on the ITL Enabler solution please feel free to contact us or visit ITL's website

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